It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of the founder and president of Silver Dollar Foundation, Adam L. Steinberg. Please note that there may be a delay in replies to inquiries and proposals during this time.

The Silver Dollar Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation that invests to build the strength and resilience of community organizations in Montreal. The Foundation was established by Adam Steinberg in 2012. Adam chose the name Silver Dollar for his grandfather Nathan, who loved gardening, and whose favourite flower was the silver dollar. Adam passed away in 2018. He was a uniquely kind, generous, and committed person. Adam’s sisters Margot and Donna, together with the staff of the Foundation, now carry on his vision and honour his memory through the ongoing work of the Silver Dollar Foundation.

The Foundation has two priorities for giving: capital projects, and academic perseverance.

Regarding capital projects, the Silver Dollar Foundation provides funds to help charitable organizations in Montreal invest in bricks and mortar projects that advance their mission, and enhance their strength, resilience and creativity. These kinds of projects can be catalysts for growth and development, but also bring significant financial and human resources pressure. The Foundation seeks to help organizations succeed by providing funds for building purchase, renovation, and ‘soft’ costs such as inspections, evaluations, feasibility studies, etc. Encouraging sustainable building principles is integral to our work.

Regarding academic perseverance, organizations across Montreal are working hard to build the confidence and skills of the next generation, so that every young person is able to imagine a positive, meaningful future. The Foundation is enthusiastic to support organizations that are helping young people from all walks of life learn, build confidence, and contribute to their communities.

Please peruse this website to learn more about the Silver Dollar Foundation’s areas of giving and how to submit an application.

Margot Steinberg, President
Jane Rabinowicz, Executive Director
Laura Battisti, Manager, Treasury and Administration