It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of the founder and president of Silver Dollar Foundation, Adam L. Steinberg. Please note that there may be a delay in replies to inquiries and proposals during this time.

The Silver Dollar Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation established to invest in the strength and resilience of community organizations in Montreal. The Foundation has two priorities for giving: capital projects, and academic perseverance.

Regarding capital projects, we aim to support charitable organizations in purchasing and renovating spaces as a means to advance their mission. Purchasing a building can be a launching pad for growth and development, but also brings increased financial and human resources pressure and the potential to distract an organization from its core mission. The Silver Dollar Foundation will strategically invest resources to ensure that capital projects do not undermine, but rather enhance the strength, resilience and creativity of charitable organizations in Montreal. Encouraging sustainable building principles and creative architecture and design is integral to our work.

In terms of academic perseverance, many groups throughout Québec are working hard to counter the trends that have led to a drop-out rate in our province that is higher than Canada’s national average. The Silver Dollar Foundation is enthusiastic to provide support to organizations that are helping young people from all walks of life learn, build confidence, and contribute to their communities.

The Silver Dollar Foundation has been named in honour of Nathan Steinberg, who had a love of gardening, and whose favourite flower was the silver dollar. He felt strongly about giving back to his community, and we hope to maintain his generous spirit through the work of this foundation.

Adam Steinberg, President
Jane Rabinowicz, Vice-President
Laura Battisti, Manager, Treasury and Administration