What we support

About our Support for Capital Projects
Successful capital projects require financial resources, sound strategy, and strong internal capacity. The Silver Dollar Foundation can be approached for monetary and/or in-kind resources. We will engage at any stage of a project – from early visioning to implementation.

1. Monetary support

The Silver Dollar Foundation will contribute to both the hard and soft costs associated with building purchase and/or renovation. A few examples of what we will support:
− Project development (planning processes, case for support development, etc.)
− Feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, legal costs, appraisal and market study, etc.
− Human resources
− Building purchase, construction, renovation

2. In-kind support

The expertise required to plan and undertake successful capital projects often differs quite a bit from the expertise required to deliver an organization’s daily mission. The Silver Dollar Foundation has access to a network of professionals from various fields – real estate, organizational development, law, construction management, etc. These individuals can be made available as volunteers for simple tasks (reviewing documents, architectural plans, a bit of advice, etc) or even as supports to organizations throughout the purchase, construction and/or renovation process.
Organizations are welcome to combine requests for both monetary and in-kind support.

About our Support for Academic Perseverance
Academic perseverance became a specific emphasis for the Silver Dollar Foundation in late 2013. We will continue learning about this field over time, and develop our support for organizations on the Island of Montreal who provide personalized support to young people and their families, take a collaborative approach, and aim to address the root causes that may put a young person’s development in jeopardy. The Silver Dollar Foundation invites proposals from organizations working with youth at pre-school, elementary and secondary levels.