Who Should Apply

The Silver Dollar Foundation is currently reorganizing itself following the sudden passing of our founding President, Adam Steinberg. The Foundation is focusing on honouring existing commitments and is not able to issue new grants at this time. We welcome inquiries about future projects, and will update our website when the Foundation is accepting new proposals.

The Silver Dollar Foundation will work with organizations that:
– are registered charities
– have programs focused on the Island of Montreal
– have a solid reputation in the philanthropic and nonprofit communities
– have proven financial management
– have strong board engagement and sound governance
– work in education, health, the arts, poverty alleviation, children and youth, the environment
– are creative, forward-thinking and focused on long-term impact

Specific criteria for capital projects:
– clear link between building ownership, core mission and objectives for growth and development
– strong project vision
– strong financial case for support
– emphasis on environmental sustainability
– emphasis on creativity in architecture and design
– stakeholder engagement and buy-in

Specific criteria for academic perseverance:
– strong link to schools and community partners
– participation in relevant local and regional networks
– individualized attention